Claudio and Davide aka Bianco Negativo have been building their discography over the last year with releases on labels such as their own Marguerite Records, Warsaw-based Syntetyk and our debut release DIA ASKR – Various Artists Compilation
The duo lies between dark synth-wave and EBM, but their second label, Tocca Il Futuro, showcases their affinity for the eclectic. They also manage Rinse France and Lyl radios residencies with their record labels.
  1. Exhausted Modern – De Creatura
  2. Alessandro Cortini – Spettro
  3. II Carnera – Il Massacro Del Circeo
  4. Second Spectre – Absolution
  5. Techno Thriller – Lyca Lay
  6. Donna Haringwey – Assertiveness
  7. Mala Herba – Lilija
  8. Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix)
  9. LCN – Ecrasez L’Infame
  10. Exhausted Modern – Giving Form to Chaos
  11. Warzabart – Deep On Maths
  12. Coil – Windowpane
How did the label come about ? And could you tell us of your future releases/plans ?
Marguerite was born in 2015, the goal is to support independent artists of the electronic music scene and create a network between them: a kind of a community. The name comes from my hometown called Margherita di Savoia, known for the biggest salt pans in Europe.
We are planning the upcoming release of ‘Deform | Reform’ by Exhausted Modern, while next year we will have the prestigious R Gamble work along with a Bianco Negativo remix, a super various artists and other interesting stories! Stay tuned!
Favourite Late Night Snack ?
Nutella Biscuits
Most Wanted Record?
Techno Thriller – Chains (Strange Therapy)
Recent Gems Dug Out?
Dave Ball ‎– In Strict Tempo


“Colombian producer, Faunes Efe, stands behind a slew of prolific albums and EP’s released under the Filmmaker project, quickly building a cult following amongst those with an affinity for dystopian electronics steeped in an alluring, seductive darkness.
From earlier self-released works such as ‘Visceral’, a 10-track full length work modestly described in Efe’s own words as the “First occult-orientated soundtrack from an experimental lost film”, to the 808-shots of ‘Nocturnal’ and later with the grainy, low-fi electro of ‘Wetwork’. Each successive release proves Efe’s capacity to execute productions of magnitude across the electronic spectrum, yielding body moving music from a small arsenal of honed hardware.”
  1. Hexmaschine – Hexentanz Feat Tanya O’Connor (Witches Dance)
  2. killedherself – deviate from design
  4. Dread Risks – Obliteration Complex (CNJR Remix)
  5. Autumns – Hot Hot Can’t See
  6. Edge of Dawn – Aimless (Analyctic Cubism Remix)
  7. Couronne de Merde – Anger Management
  8. Displacer – nightrider
  10. EMI.te – Inside the Acid
  11. Chino – Dyscyplina
  13. Fort Hender & Bellizzi – Machinima 5
  14. Kat Yusti – Suspira
  15. Mind I Matter – Weakness
  16. Gamlaskatten – Cold War
  17. Exocet – bad taste
  18. Prz & Ebony – Pray For Grave
Trawmade – Tartora
  20. Revhis – Constant Eclipsing
Favourite Late Night Snack ?
Most Wanted Record?
Boards Of Canada – Boc Maxima
Recent Gems Dug Out?
Raw Gems


Violet Poison is the alias used by Francesco Baudazzi (Obtane) for Proto-EBM/Wave productions.  Over the years violet poison has amassed a vast discography, with release with Smashing Tape Records, Opal Tapes and Il Silenzio Del Rumore. In 2015 he launched his very own label, Veleno Viola, that has seen the likes of Boris Barksdale, Unhuman, Celldöd and DSX (3) & Sid Lamar
However, Francesco has taken us on a different journey with this mix of oldschool Techno/Trance/Goa vinyls all played at 33rpm
  1. Moogability – Life Is So Realistic (Addictive Mix)
  2. Thomas Liewood – Taxi In L.A.
  3. Luigi Pavarazzo – Flucht EP
  4. Electrasmus – Viper 2000
  5. Manual – Eden
  6. Schub AG – Daydreamer
  7. Magnetic Fields – Magnetic Fields
  8. Lexicon – Schlangenbiss
  9. Gee Shock – The American (Crashing Dad’s Car Remix)
  10. Children Of Paradise – Alien Nation
  11. Terence Fixmer – The Calling
Favourite Late Night Snack ?
Most Wanted Record?
A killer synth/darkwave track I listened to the radio in 1989/1990, recorded on tape but lost.
Recent Gems Dug Out?
Too many.

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