Coming from the Marseille scene , Why Pink? has a strong penchant for weird and bizarre dissonances where genres are declined. Abstract, Dub-Expé, Indus & Leftfield music telescope on a background of moist, hypnotic and sticky textures. In command of his brand new show “Chien De Temps” on LYL Radio, he proposes a more narrative form where we find him at the junction of morbid lyrical mantras, crazy collages and other instrumental rattles…

1. Klaus : Luc
2. L’Abbe Martine Arbiste : F.F.F. 0
3. Jay Glass Dubs : Index Dub
4. Samo DJ : You Are Next
5. ♨ : Coozie
6. Body Without Organs : Osiris Rises
7. R.B. : Drum & Bass
8. Tapes : Datura Mystic Version
9. Nick Klein : Poor Me Another
10. Sluagh Ghairm : Join The Tribe, Baby!
11. Nocturnal Emissions : Even The Good Times Are Bad
12. Bourbonese Qualk : Moving Forward (Desreliction)
13. Simplists : Antenne de Stalingrad