Artist: Happy707

Track: Yeah!

Label: Body Musick

Release Date: 26/11/2021

Buy: Here

Celebrating its 20th release, Body presents Anatomy Vol.1, a various artists compilation including elegant and filthy productions by previous and new members of the label’s discography.

VNZO from Chile starts the journey with a heavy-hitting atmospheric industry ‘Contigo’, the argentine power duo Happy707 (May Mc Claren & Palmariello) says ‘Yeah!’ on a slick and acid new beat-ish way, from Athens, Petros Spatharos brings distorted breakbeat with post-goa vibes on ‘Desert Drugs’, the dancing devil from medellin; T.D.D burst a sci-fi machines energy on IDM track ‘Collapsed’, Berlin-based Third Replica (ex-Viper Dreams) throws groundbreaking tension and breakbeat grooves on ‘Bite’, Amusement Machine from Oakland, CA cast a phantasmagorical industrial gear with whipping rhythm on ‘Masoch’, boss of colombian techno label Broken Mind Recordings; Ana Gartner debuts her new moniker Anne Artikel with the jackin’ punk ‘000001’ riding dirty hi-hats, maniac telephone tones and deadpan vocals, Body Musick host Filmmaker plays a lurid synthwave on ‘All Licking Tongue’, after comes 1/2 Kontinent; Sadxmafioso blasting a frenetic bassline with rocking drum hits on ‘Traumat’, the album closes with Pildoras Tapes co-owner GAËL providing fresh ethereal vibes on his lo-fi electro ‘Tierra No Prometida’.

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