Artist: Xtasic

Track: A Dialogue with Myself

Label: The Tabula Rasa Record Company

Release Date: 01.10.23

Buy: Here

This project is not just an album for Jorge; it’s a testament to his ability, passion, and artistic vision. Power Saving Mode is the first studio album under the alias Xtasik and the third that Jorge has created from start to finish, through which he seeks to create an atmosphere that welcomes the listener’s introspection, while maintaining the energy that has always characterized his music. Power Saving Mode is deeply rooted in modern electronics, learning from artists like deadmau5 or KAS:ST; nevertheless, it is an album that also draws from influences of timeless artists like Tangerine Dream. The album was born during a difficult stage for Jorge, during which he felt the need to completely reinvent himself to break his own loop.

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