Track: Giving Form To Chaos

Release Date: 24/11/2021

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Exhausted Modern balances obscurity and clarity with his first full-length debut for Marguerite Records, wearing the familiar hallmarks of the producer’s sound with a determination that makes a home in headphones as easily as it seeds the imagination with images of dance floors swaying under influence of a soundsystem.

Six tracks collectively form a web of energy, flowing from swift movement under the beat of kinetic drums to a staggered inertia, tracing frantically static shapes that grip time still: as some elements of the music rear up forcefully and unobstructedly grim, others merge together in subtlety to form an electric shroud.

This occurs both within tracks and between them — as EP opener ‘Giving form to chaos’ pulses with mutant tropes of electro and full-weight EBM basslines, it also carries a haze of ambience hear far more prominently on ‘The self unselving’’s slow and methodical ride, which in turn is quite distant from purely ambient music without grit or rhythm.

The EP leers out of its own cold gloom, bearing Exhausted Modern’s customary challenge to society’s inequity just under the surface of the smoked ice in the stuttered samples and coded titles. Listeners to Exhausted Modern’s past work will find familiarity and refinement, and newcomers will hear perfectly distilled versions of the sounds displayed like talismans within his work.

Limited edition of 50 professionally dubbed tapes.
Written and produced by Ladislav Zensor.
All tracks mastered by Francesco Brini (Spectrum mastering & vinyl).
Artwork by Alvaanq. Liner notes by Freddie Hudson.
Duplicated in Bologna, 2021.

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