Track: There Will Always Be Light

Release Date: 20.05.22

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New Town Ground is Co-owner/Founder of
Still Distant Records alongside fellow Glasgow man Paulitical.
The two also front the glasgow duo Scottish Power, whom predominantly play live sets, with am EBM, Post Punk & techno vibe.

The album – Violent Circles, is the deliberately cheeky, satirical sequal to the Twisted Pop.

A playful sentiment, with a dark twist.
Everything very deep sonically, but yet absolutely never t9 be taken too serious!

Move To Red – An introductory track, peppered with audio clues to what is to come in the album ahead.

Natural Ritual – a look to relationships, Transatlantic Friendships and appreciation to the haste of life.

Violent Circles – Is the quickest track I have ever done. It just clicked. A parody of our internal Demon.
“”It’s just me, but AM HIGHER!!””

With Care – Again a satirical Chant on the lack of control we used to once enjoy, now that we are governed by Socials
“” your taking the ‘Cunt you god dam Troll’ “”
Heavy word play on the cunt troll front.

Swallow It Whole – this tracks inclusion symbolises the pivot point towards the birth of the 2nd installment to the audio triptych. (3rd installment starts production in summer)
Swallow It Whole was released on Still Distants well received VA in 21. The inclusion on Violent Circles, felt essential to the narrative.

Wait to break – An electro big beat instrumental with undulating synth play that hopefully breaks the mould of its predecessors.

There Will Always be light –
The track is a reflection of the current going on’s with in our social dynamics and pretty symbolic realisation that i was moving away from a period of depression, I once, like may others have endured.

Hopefully listened with the ethos of Mischief and a parody of life. The Album will be more digestible.
My thoughts are…
Its the Previous album – Twisted Pop , on Poppers”

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