Artist: Manasyt

Track: Tales Of Ignorance (Telephasycx! Remix)

Label: Rator Mute

Release Date: 10.9.21

Buy: Here

“Madness Reigned” 2021: the world is a hellhole – pandemic, isolation, social unrest.
Opener “Overvolt” is a full-on industrial assault, a high-voltage plasma gun warfare! Metallic bass, sharp precision hammer beat and pulse stabs take control of your brain. Sci-fi inspired “The Harvest Room” is dominated by a distorted groovy bass riff, acidic lead and heavy percussion.

Midway it changes direction and teleports you into EBM/goth-synth territory! “Infected Memory” is a surprising MANASYt track and that’s a good thing! Dominated by a syncopated lead and bubbling bass, this is a dark catchy darkwavy number, complete with Bulgarian vocals.

On the flip, “N7” is a horror soundtrack interlude, sinister and paranoid. It is reminiscent of his work as Sam Lowry.
“Tales Of Ignorance” is a classic MANASYt electro stomper, originally written in 2007, here with an updated sound! Solid bassline, macabre strings and clinical arpeggios transport you into a dark hopeless place!

The 7 minute closer is a brilliant and atmospheric, industrial machine-funk remix of “Tales Of Ignorance” by the Spanish duo Telephasycx!, who are responsible for releasing this EP!

“Madness Reigned” takes you on a hypnotic journey to a futuristic dystopian world, blasting this 6 track record as loud as possible is highly recommended!

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