Artist: Larionov

Track: Nothing Left

Label: KRI Records

Release Date: 28.04.23

Buy: Here

Kri Records strike back with a cassette compilation under an appropriate name: Trust the Rust! Rust dealers come from all over the globe. Nasty electro cuts are served by LA-based Ole Mic Odd who has released on labels such as Zement, Italian producer and the mighty Gravitational Waves owner DJ Nephil, British veteran Chupacabras with seals of approval on L.I.E.S. among others, and our Russian friend Larionov, who regularly puts out bangers for Rotterdam Electronix. The Electro part of the compilation is rounded by the local Ljubljana legend operating as a DJ and Honest Work label owner, 198319831983. EBM-ish march is saluted by Black Dot, the duo of Christian Kroupa and Le Chocolat Noir, soon releasing music on Mechatronica and responsible for our first release. Christian has also joined forces with the Dallas and Science Cult native Aura Nox. NYC and wave EBM bangers are represented by R Gamble, Spinal is an up-and-coming producer from Chile having released a great EP on Pildoras Tapes, while Bianco Negativo is an Italian duo behind one of our fav labels, Marguerite Records. 10 tracks exploring the dark corners of Kri Records are available on a super cute cassette or digitally via Bandcamp.

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