Artist: Diana Berti

Track: Lonely Souls

Release Date: 6/11/2021

Buy: Here

‘Shadowland’ is Marguerite Record’s 11th release, kindly provided by Francesco Baudazzi, the mastermind behind Diana Berti and Violet Poison and other countless wonderful musical aliases. Slowly emerging from the Ligurian Sea waters, A side comes from the mysterious Diana Berti; the opening track is a minimal synth with industrial attitude jam called ‘I wanna spend the night with you’, followed up by the melancholic italo-wave affair ‘Lonely soul’ on A2. Closing the first side is the retro cinematic high-tension roller ‘Mistral’. On the flip side Francesco summons his Violet Poison alias with 2 dancefloor ready tracks: B1 – the title track, ‘Shadowland’, – a mutant jam that you will absolutely love if you dig the Smersh, and the atmospheric new-beatish cut ‘The Mistake’. Closing up the EP is the clumsy wave ‘There will be always hope’, a heartfull positive hymn for the new-romantics, inspired by Italian new wave bands from the 80’s such as Victrola and 2+2=5.

Limited edition of 50 professionally dubbed tapes. Written and produced by: Francesco Baudazzi. All tracks mastered by Francesco Brini (Spectrum mastering & vinyl). Artwork by Alvaanq. Liner notes by Gabriele Casiraghi. Duplicated in Milan, 2021.

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