Artist: Dez Williams

Track: Ohaguro

Release Date: June 30, 2021

Buy: Here

Dez Williams‘ second Woodwork outing further frames his imaginative productions within a wide conceptual space encompassing several styles of deep electronic underground music. Expressive noisy synth riffs and soaked stabs lace their way through a series of jams which pull equally from modern and vintage varieties of techno, acid, house and electro. The resulting sound and feeling averts description or definition, yet there remains an absolute sense of lineage and vague familiarity in the midst of this set of explorative works.

From the quirky acid bass and melodic bleeps of the title track, ‘hexentrik’, through dub meditations invoked by ‘screenshot’, with the raw machine sound of ‘formit’ and enlightened pattern play central to ‘nowtt’, the EP winds its way toward the eastern pentatonic ‘ohaguro’ and the dramatic interstellar acid, electro-techno afterburner ‘entangled data banks’. This collection offers up several mix-ready individual flavours that also serve an engaging chronicle heard start to finish.

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