Artist: Dexorcist

Track: Cobotic Manipulators

Release Date: 25/02/2022

Buy: Here

Hilltown Disco are excited to announce the 8th Angel in their ongoing ‘Angel Series’, Raziel. Joining the label to help raise awareness are Alex Jann, Dexorcist, Sentient State, Weith and Atix.

All profit goes towards the worthy mental-health project, Art Angel, who continue to change the lives of people in the Dundee area. The charity is run for people with mental health issues by those who have been through similar experiences, and offers a safe place for individuals to discover and rediscover themselves through many different art-forms. You can find out more at:

Artwork is designed by Lazereyes, reworking an incredible piece by Art Angel’s own Betsy Spink.

Mastered at Reel Mastering.

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