Artist: Arctor

Track: Memory Gene (DJ Friendly Version)

Release Date: 25/03/2022

Buy: Here

Nebulae returns with a very special release to start the year. Red Spider, a planetary nebula, located near the heart of the Milky Way, Northwest of the constellation Sagittarius, and approximately 5000 light-years away from Earth, is the namesake of this new cosmic trip. Glasgow-based producer Arctor (Tom Livingston), delivers 6 pieces for the occasion, where you may find a fine collection of dreamy textures, lush pads, intricate drum patterns and funky acid basslines, all seasoned with his acid jazz approach, a distinctive signature of the Tremors label head honcho.

Producing high tempo electro and techno with soulful Detroit flavoured sounds, always showing an almost sick obsession with twisting textures in order to squeeze them to their maximum expression, he has been steadily building his catalogue, dating back to September 2015, with his first release Genovese EP. Since then he has been releasing, not only his own material, but also remixing a number of different labels and has had his tracks played by artists such as Bicep, Oneman and CEM.

For Red Spider, the A-side explores three different sci-fi scenarios, all glued together with gritty pads, reaching maximum expression in Echopraxia. Here, Arctor shows an astonishing spectacle of stretching, chopping and melting back and forth its stuttering chords, like an alien spider would weave its web. On the flip, B-side presents a more eclectic palette of textures; going from the energetic Junk and travelling throughout the relentless banger Protect Your Head, until we arrive at our final destination: Memory Gene (DJ Friendly Version), a smooth rework of Livingston’s first track on his Tremors imprint, originally released back in 2017. Timeless electronics from a modern-day master

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