Lunacy Rolling Papers ’24 Packet’ Box


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Each box contains 24 packs, and each packet contains:

  • 40 King Size Organic Rice Papers With Arabic Gum
  • 40 Perforated Roach Tips.
  • Magnetically Sealed Rolling Tray

Lunacy’s rolling paper packets are unlike any brand currently available. Obsessed with creating a high-quality and unique product, we invested thousands of hours into this creative process. The result was that we ended up with a product that eliminates many common user issues.

The addition of a wind-resistant magnetically sealed rolling tray solves an age old problem that many smokers have, as well creating a unified all-in-one package that’s portable, easy to use and efficient. The rolling skins themselves are made of high quality rice paper which due to their thinness, burn slower than normal papers. Rice paper also produces zero ash, resulting in a smoother, cleaner smoke and more taste from your herb. The packaging also features unique graphic artwork created in collaboration with local artist Spencer Stearns.

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