Liudas Lazauskas is an active member of the Lithuanian nightlife scene for more than ten years. A regular at the infamous Opium club and other local hot spots came under Roe Deers’ moniker back in 2014. Since then, he’s been pushing the boundaries and exploring the uncharted territories with the different shades of dirty electronic music via Omnidisc, Nein Records, Throne Of Blood imprints.

1. Shurmin Nikita – Sonik (Monologue)
2. Valma – City
3. Thomass Jackson and Theus Mago – Don Pale
4. Tranquil Elephantizer – Moon City (Warehouse Preservation Society Remix)
5. Iñigo Vontier – Prado (Original Mix)
6. Thomass Jackson and Theus Mago – Clubby (Ana Helder Remix)
7. Rina – Reminiscence
8. Fabio Me Llaman Soltero & Odia – La Tumba (Original Mix)
9. Alf Champion & Mdhntr – Off-in-Plute
10. Omri – Snare Boer 11. Bojarchük – Force
12. Roe Deers – Egypt (Edit)
13. Roe Deers – Al Dano (Edit)
14. Rollover DJs – Sir Paul 1985