Jackov carel was born in 1980, and grew up in Tel Aviv, during the electronic revolution of the mid-90s, he was strongly influenced by “the chemical brothers”, and by techno DJ’s such as -Jeff Mills, Sven vath, dave clarck, and more… since the year 2002 ,that influence has pushed him to start creating his unique music, sounds and rhythm. He is an architect by profession, which gives it extra special layers in his works. dj and producer of an uncompromising music, which combines techno, dark, breaks, electronica, psychedelia and more….

01 ANFS – Nena
02 Jeronimo – Saug Es Auf
03 Dyktando – GAR [Syntetyk
04 Disco Mortale – Desert Drift [Khoinix
05 Simbolo – Mind (Mick Wills Edit
06 Helena Markos – M O U N I (SOIL)
07 Magnum Opus – Corrupt Empire [Miseria
08 SPÆCIALISTA – Dystopia
09 Namesis & Yansyet – Shut Up
10 Morah – Eos Tin Akri Tou Ouranou
11 Viktor Kalima – Certified
12 Dim Deck – 7355608
13 IOYTS – Extent [DU001
14 PROPHÄN – Silent And Under The Boot (Hogra
15 Mercury 200 – Fundamental Relationship (Umwelt Remix) [Artaphine Premiere
16 ZAAX – Tribalistic [Diffuse Reality
17 ///// unknown
18 Ascion – Point Of No Return