PΛЯΛПD is a berlin based DJ & Producer. As a vinyl collector and club enthusiast, her cleverness drives audiences into the darkest fast faced techno, to the most breaky and electro vibes, to the old school New Beat or EBM, creating always an eclectic space for music. Always mixing the best from the past and present musical eras. Since her first release debut in 2020, PΛЯΛПD has been keeping it busy all the way, releasing multiple EP’s on Crobot muzik, Specimen Records and participated in compilations for Avoidant Records, Zwaartekracht Records & Cyberdomain .. beware of whats coming next from this great artist ! https://www.clo-olc.com/artist/parand

  1. Umwelt – Rising Entity (Subversive Territory Album)

  2. Romphea – 1611 [FERMA Records]

  3. Fractions & Zanias – Uroboros [Murder Records]

  4. Radikal Kuss – Laster und Tugend

  5. Helsmoortel – Violence [Avoidant Records]

  6. Puritan – Whitesnake [Murder Records]

  7. Romphea – Crave [Negative Sciences]

  8. Steve Allman – Next Level [Avoidant Records]

  9. System 01 – The Pleasure Principle- [Mannequin Records]

  10. Cybernet 1202 – Alien Groove [Transmissions]

  11. The Exaltics – One direct line [Avoidant Records]

  12. Dynarec – Correlation- [Newflesh Records]

  13. VSO – Complacency- [Zodiak Commune Records]

  14. Mind Matter – Des Echos Dans La Nuit [Deviate Records]

  15. Shredder – Blood Sweat Tears (Curses Remix) [Tropical Goth Records]

  16. Roberto Auser – Neturality-FrachtØ1 [Lunatic Records]

  17. Randolph & Mortimer vs Mila Steiner – Sermon One

  18. Max Durante – Der Gedanken hinter den Gedanken [Hands Records]