«1989», «Urameshi», «Industrial Melancholy» are just a few of the names under which Tassilo Vanhöfen produces electronic music. Born in Frankfurt, he has always been enthusiastic about music of all kinds.

Releases due on Neubau, Worst Records and Kontakt Records, where Tassilo has outlined his own interpretation of electronic music.

When he’s not DJing or producing, he’s digging for musically hidden gems in every genre.

Deeper Than Space – Spaceship Melody – BUY
Anders Ilar – Stone circle maze – BUY
Genuine – Session at roca Ilisa – BUY
Moisk – Differential Equations
Tassilo Vanhoefen – Vitriolic Slander – BUY
Tadan – Inituation (Tassilo Vanoefen Remix) – BUY
Tassilo Vanhoefen – Broken Chant (Unreleased)
Alex Aguayo – Intuitive Confusion TJ Lawton Remix – BUY
A-Tweed – Interpretation 2
A-TweedTassilo Vanhoefen Remix (Unreleased)
Genetic – Trancemission – BUY
Crawlin Kingsnake – Snake in the system – BUY
Tassilo Vanhoefen – Reality Distortion Field (Unreleased)