The Far North of Russia where Apollinaria M. grew up hardened her music style with a passion for EBM, New Beat and other dark genres, which are based on aggressive synths and hard drum parts.

Apollinaria currently lives in Petrozavodsk. Resident of the Moscow crew Quintessence and a guest of Discipline.

The Overloads — Sundown (Babymix)
Disco Morato — Discesa (Gegen Mann Remix) – Nein Records
Magnum Opus — Dark Vibrasions – Mosaique Records
Alejandro Paz — Peacock (Gegen Mann Remix) – Nein Records
Spectrum — The In Crowd – R & S Records
Rambal Cochet — Ufo Researcher (Goa Mix) – Soil Records
Agle — Calling Back – Ritmo Fatale 
Kovyazin D — Tales From The Bottle – System 108
Time Modem — Suono Elettrico – BOY Records
Metropolis — Time Of War – New Zone
Inner Light — Phantasia – Metal Radio
Transform — Transformation (Club Mix)
Jacques Satre — Champion Sound – Vernacular Records
Mashkov —Luna (feat. Mirele) – System 108
Technobert 96 — Neue Dimensionen – Target Records
Channel X — Rave The Rhythm