“Glesga born vinyl enthusiast. Can be found in the La cheetah basement slammin out fast paced house, techno and hardcore alongside RUSH residents Bash Man and Mi$$ Co$mix. Also a fellow mutant among the lunatics down at our spot. Inspired mainly by the 90s rave and techno scene Mr 5 spins out some furiously fast blends, cuts, and scratches to see the party through to the early hours of the morning and beyond.

In this instalment for the infamous Lunacy crew, I have blended mix of breaks and hardcore, trying to bridge the gap a little here with this one as this isn’t the usual sound coming from the Lunacy Transmissions. Going for a more 92/93 vibe here with a couple of modern hardcore tunes but still smothered with that raw early 90s sound! Hope all you lovely folk njoi! “