DJ Peanut is a new addition to the vibrant circuit of Glasgow and over the past year has been a frequent force on the radio waves with her residency on Clyde Built Radio, showcasing all things synthpop, experimental and dub electronics.

Washing Machine Speaking – Free Range (Osàre! Editions)
Awaken, Arise – Ex- terrestrial (Naff)
nICo – Spiral Lights (Huntleys + Palmers)
Minimum (maximum mix)- Pigeon Steve (N/A)
No Way Out – Gamma Intel (Brokntoys)
The Storm – MR TC & Lo Kindre (Neubau)
Kelter – Holloway ([re]sources)
Moonstone (Antoine remix) – Spectral (Blue Room Released)
Poison (Environmental Science Dub mix) – The Prodigy (XL Recordings)
Sketch III – Mutant Beat Dance (L.I.E.S)
Lonely Cat – Jack Pattern (Space Ritual)
Production Line – Le Cliché (Polytechnic Youth)
You Can’t Get Fooled by Love – Boytronic (N/A)
Erotic Line- System Olympia (Huntleys + Palmers)
Bad Penny – Ein Gedicht (Lunacy)
Lake Technium – Tala Drum Corps (Bakk)
O Saati ^ for Aileen – RAMZi (FATI)