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Lunacy x Legowelt Space Papers Exploration

New music by Legowelt soundtracks a teaser film by Glasgow-based creative collective LUNACY.

 Lunacy has created a Netflix-like sci-fi teaser to promote their unique rolling papers product.  They approached legendary Dutch producer Legowelt early on in the process to commission a dramatic futuristic soundtrack, supplying a palette of references to classic producers from Model 500 to John Carpenter.

 Taking thematic inspiration from dystopian sci-fi series inc. Future Man and Kin for their back-story, the creative team sought to mimic the cinematography style which runs through much of the streaming services productions, and the result is a buzzy mirco-stan to sci-fi TV and music culture:-   

 “At some point in the near future… Lunacy papers are outlawed and inter-dimensional beings come to their rescue, sending them off planet to protect and preserve them until the people of earth are free to smoke in peace”


Could you tell us a bit about how you created this soundtrack? the creative process behind it ? and the inspiration for the sounds?

It was pretty easy to get the general vibe for the soundtrack with the images, there is a dystopian industrial factory thing, there is some very cool vintage Audi 80 (?) action and the whole weed in space situation so you were already at the right adress to ask me to do the score.  I put the footage in Ableton, not many people know Ableton can play video but its extremely handy for doing soundtrack work! I just scored it from there, for the beginning I chose a heavy SID commodore 64 atmosphere, this pulsating PWM strings which give a very haunting vibe. I used the TAL JP8 softsynth for this, its a swiss Jupiter 8 VST clone which sounds amazing. Then there is just buckets of reverb and delay to make the transition to the more upbeat part, that one is quite simple just one bassline from a Sequential Pro One and some drum sounds from my archive. Some extra ‘upward’ counter melodies come in at the end to score the whole balloon into space thing and just let it all evaporate into a dreamy pad sound.

What Are Your Favourite Film Scores? And Why?

Terry Riley’s Lifespan soundtrack from 1975, this is a very obscure totally forgotten dutch science fiction movie about a doctor that invents a serum against aging…very dreamy stuff, the Terry Riley soundtrack is amazing, lots of riffs on his Yamaha YC45D with his usal time accumulator effects device. Another favourite is Gerald Busby’s score for Altman’s Three Women, which is a fantastic movie from 1977. That soundtrack was sort of a huge influence on my Smackos UFO Onderzoek 1983 album. 

There is the usual stuff like John Carpenter & Alan Howart stuff of-course, my all time favourite is probably Halloween III, a masterpiece and also best Halloween movie in the series! 

I am really allergic for Hollywood orchestral scores especially from the last years unimaginative boring American pedestrian drab like the movies too.I fucking hate stuff like superhero movies…predictable stuff for babies…maybe there is nothing more despairing then a grown up  that is into batman or fucking Yoda. Except the Hulk maybe ,though  I never seen the movies I have a soft spot for the Hulk.

You pull up outside your house and it’s on fire, you have enough time to pull out one record and one synthesizer? What are they?

There is probably more important stuff to safe first.

You know this sort of happened for real back in the day. It was around 1998…Me and Orgue Electronique were playing this squatter party, a sort of spiral tribe crusty tekno thing in an old building in Utrecht. Everything was setup on a table….We were just about to start playing, like really my finger was on the start sequencer button and the electricity went out and someone shouted fire! We went outside and the whole fucking roof was ablaze.

I took my Commodore Amiga 1200 straight with me when I went outside, later some people went in and saved all the gear SH101 a MAM vocoder, Nordrack I think and some more stuff. Then the whole building burnt to the ground…there was nothing left. They said it started because they were having a camp fire in the garden and the tinders flew on the roof, nobody got hurt thank god,. Since then I always check for fire exists and stuff ‘. It would have been a disaster if there wouldn’t be exists or somebody hadn’t noticed it

If you could describe your music using a type of food or delicacy, what would it be?

Vegan Chicken-soup with Ramen Noodles, Deep Fried Mars Bar and Pierogi on the side.


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